Standard 50mm Pitch - Smart & Price's Shop Shelving is not only compatible with other 50 pitch shelving systems, but in most cases it equals or exceeds them in quality and specification. Our shelving is tried and tested by major retailers including Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Hardware & DIY Stores and Garden Centres to list a few.

Heavy Duty - Our shelving comes with published weight loading and a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Easy to Assemble and Adjust - Our shelving system was designed to be simple and quick to install and you will only require a spirit level and mallet to assemble them. The shelves are adjustable in height and the brackets give the option to angle the shelf with the simple addition of a riser.

Wide Range of Sizes - We stock a wide variety of heights and widths so that you can utilise your retail space to its maximum potential. For more information please contact our technical sales department on 0121 772 5634.

Large Stockholding - 35,000 sq ft Warehouse

Accessories - Including Display Arms, Risers, Dividers, Stacking Baskets, PETG Magazine Shelves, PETG Newspaper Shelves and Clothes Rails.

Shallow Wall Shelving (370mm)
£190.64 Inc VAT
The 370mm (D) Shallow Wall Shelving Unit is a popular choice for behind the counter and areas with l..
Medium Wall Shelving (470mm)
£203.89 Inc VAT
The 470mm (D) Medium Wall Shelving Unit is our best seller and by far the most popular choice for co..
Deep Wall Shelving (570mm)
£208.02 Inc VAT
The 570mm (D) Deep Wall Shelving Unit is best suited for larger products and popular with Garden Cen..
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Smart & Price

Smart & Price

The Smart family can be traced back to the early 18th century where for many generations they were agricultural labourers in the Hamlets of Gloucestershire. In the mid 19th century Francis Smart and his sons Frederick & George were cabinet makers in Gloucester.
Frederick Smart walked from Gloucester to Birmingham where he traded in joinery and woodwork and was soon joined by his younger brother George. The brothers rented premises in Slaney Street which was not far from Snow Hill Station and F & G Smart was established in 1870.