Gridwall Flat Shelf With Lip - Chrome
£19.20 Inc VAT
FLATSHELF WITH LIP Size 15x24" Finish:Chrome  ..
Gridwall Heavy Duty Basket - Chrome
£27.98 Inc VAT
BASKET Size 15x24" Finish:Chrome..
Gridwall Internal Shelf with Lip - Chrome
SHELF-FRONT LIP Size 2'x2' Finish:Chrome    ..
Gridwall Shelf Bracket 300mm (12
£2.39 Inc VAT
SHELF BRACKET Size 12" Long Finish:Chrome..
Gridwall Shirt Easel - Chrome
£4.38 Inc VAT
SHIRT EASEL Size 9x15" Finish:Chrome..
Gridwall Shoe Shelf - Chrome
£1.16 Inc VAT
SHOE SHELF Shoe Shelf For Gridwall. Finish:Chrome  ..
Gridwall Slanting Shelf - Chrome
£19.32 Inc VAT
SLANTING SHELF Size 15x24" Finish:Chrome..
Gridwall Triangular Shelf - Chrome
£10.19 Inc VAT
TRIANGLE SHELF Finish:Chrome..
Multi-fit Basket Deep 300 x 300 x 200mm - Chrome
MULTI-FIT BASKET Multifit Deep Basket - 300mm x 300mm x 200mm Will fit Slatwall or Gridwa..
Multi-fit Basket Narrow 300 x 150 x 150mm - Chrome
NARROW BASKET Will fit Slatwall or Gridwall Finish:Chrome..
Multi-fit Basket Shallow 600 x 300 x 100mm - Chrome
SHALLOW BASKET Will fit Slatwall or Gridwall Finish:Chrome..
Multi-fit Basket Small 300 x 300 x 100mm - Chrome
SMALL BASKET Will fit Slatwall or Gridwall Finish:Chrome..
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Smart & Price

Smart & Price

The Smart family can be traced back to the early 18th century where for many generations they were agricultural labourers in the Hamlets of Gloucestershire. In the mid 19th century Francis Smart and his sons Frederick & George were cabinet makers in Gloucester.
Frederick Smart walked from Gloucester to Birmingham where he traded in joinery and woodwork and was soon joined by his younger brother George. The brothers rented premises in Slaney Street which was not far from Snow Hill Station and F & G Smart was established in 1870.