Our Shop Shelving Uprights and Baselegs provide the structure to your shelving unit.

The Uprights are available from stock in all the popular sizes, however we can also supply many other standard heights to order or alternatively we can offer a cutting service to suit your exact requirements.

Not only do we offer the standard Baseleg's but we also cater for more specialist installations such as wall or floor fixed units which are popularly used above freezers.

Finally whilst our shelving system is designed to be freestanding in certain cases you will be required to floor or wall fix the units to give added stability particularly when the unit is tall or shallow. 

Baseleg 140mm (H)
£10.12 Inc VAT
A base leg locates into our 60mm or 80mm upright, allowing a shelving bay to stand upright whilst al..
Upright 80 (D) x 30mm (W)
£30.28 Inc VAT
The 80mm upright is the perfect solution for areas within stores where wall and gondola bay configur..
Wall Fix Brackets (STD)
£5.93 Inc VAT
Designed to secure an upright to a wall. Standard wall fixing brackets are for a straight level wall..
Wall Fix Brackets (ADJ)
£4.92 Inc VAT
Designed to secure an upright to a wall. Adjustable wall fixing brackets for an uneven/offset wall.T..
Baseleg 'L Shaped' Floor Fixing Bracket
L shaped floor fixing brackets are used to secure shelving units to the floor. They are screw fixed ..
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Smart & Price

Smart & Price

The Smart family can be traced back to the early 18th century where for many generations they were agricultural labourers in the Hamlets of Gloucestershire. In the mid 19th century Francis Smart and his sons Frederick & George were cabinet makers in Gloucester.
Frederick Smart walked from Gloucester to Birmingham where he traded in joinery and woodwork and was soon joined by his younger brother George. The brothers rented premises in Slaney Street which was not far from Snow Hill Station and F & G Smart was established in 1870.